Testing Excellence

The Nekst IT test professionals test and make the quality of software and IT environments in an effective manner visible. Our testing consultants participate preferably at an early stage of a project. Errors are localized quickly so costs for recovery remain limited.

Our testing consultants bring a certain relaxation in a project by preventing surprises and give a great relieve to software developers, business analysts, IT architects, project management and the business itself.

  • Dimitri Fioole

    Test Consultant


    We shouldn't be looking for mistakes, but for acceptance

  • Mark van Haaren

    Test Consultant


    At Nekst IT, you are valued for your contribution and you think along during the development of new services

  • André Pieterse

    Managing Director


    Project and customer interests first, and dare to focus on the bone of contention

  • Ivo Simon

    Test Consultant


    At Nekst IT, I deliver value for my clients in the broadest sense of the word, and that doesn't stop at simply testing

  • Arche Marugg



    A modern organisation that gives its employees the freedom they need to be of maximum customer value

  • Bram van den Berg

    Test Consultant


    Since we as employees have a say in what course Nekst IT takes, we can determine our own growth and can help our customers even better.

  • Ibrahim Cetinkaya

    Test Consultant


    Quality is not an act but a habit

  • Michel Wessels

    Test Consultant


    At Nekst IT there is personal attention to realize a match between testconsultant and customer, a win-win situation

  • Matthijs Kamp

    Test Consultant


    An open and critical mind is the best contribution

  • Parveesh Soekhai

    Test Consultant


    A shared pride over a team result is key

  • Ben Overmeer

    Test Consultant


    By acknowledging each others strengths and putting them to use, the biggest achievements are obtained

  • Thomas van Ingen


    Quality starts at the front.

  • André Dekker


    Testing appears to be a technical job, but is mainly about people

  • Martijn van der Zalm

    Test Consultant


    A good tester gets a better product

  • Martijn Spekkink

    Test Consultant


    The user determines how good good really is

  • Peter Dam

    Test Consultant


    From March 1th, part of the club!

  • Patrick Odijk



    Nekst IT stands for pleasure at work, personal development and satisfied customers!

  • AnneMarie Pieterse

    Commercial Director


    Nekst IT gives you the freedom to shoulder responsibility and work together on the construction of a coherent entity

  • Mysterious Tester

    Test Consultant


    From April 1th part of the club

  • Jasper Loos

    Test Consultant


    Just because you’ve counted the trees doesn’t mean you’ve seen the forest

  • Michel van den Heuvel

    Test Consultant


    If you can do it all, don’t do it half

  • Marielle Hol

    Chief of Office


    From March 1th part of the club

Our expertise

Our test professionals are all selected for their versatility more than average as a person and in the test field. This is in principle the base to develop themselves constantly in a way and in a direction that suits them and for which they choose themselves.



Temporary deployment of our test talents for example in the following expertise or test roll:

  • Scrum master
  • Agile
  • DevOps (developer/system operator)
  • Technical testing
  • Test coordination
  • Functional testing
  • Test analysis


Our consultants can help your organization and support including:

  • Discussing the test strategy and identification of the test roll
  • Independent collaboration with parties concerned implementation/development
  • Advising in respect of engaging the right test professionals
  • On the job coaching of junior test consultants


As Training partner Nekst IT offers a diverse number of related training courses.

We provide training for users of various test tooling and on different platforms. This includes training the trainer.

  • Salesforce
  • Provar Foundation
  • SmartBear Test Complete Foundation
  • SmartBear SoapUI Foundation


We provide our services on location and/or remotely:

  • Setting up, monitoring and maintaining of for example regression testing
  • We select test tooling on usability for easy transfer to our Services
  • Commitment based on choice of subscription, quote or transparent costing

Our partners

Who we are and what motivates us

We are a talent-driven organization without substantial internal or external stakeholders interests and therefore closer to the customer interest. Our consultants are proactive and dedicated and think beyond their own share responsibility.

Closer to the customers interest.

"Nekst IT would like to work sincerely from the customer interest, pure add value and are jointly responsible for the success of integral projects" according to André Pieterse, founder of Nekst IT.


For a major international player in the Telecom sector our specialist was responsible for managing test teams from an onsite/offshore test factory model. During the adaptation to an Agile release train model has our specialist provided for structuring and organizing the various test activities and associated quality gates within the Agile model. This has ensured that in fixed short iterations functionality could be put live for the business stakeholders the most value in a complex IT environment with many components and systems.

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Operation centre Government

Customer is a government organization that develops and manages information products for all layers within the Government. There was still no regression test of the existing platform and for local and regional authorities with improvements and new applications added. Through a combination of use case testing and exploratory testing is the quality of the improvements and new applications a fact. Each release has a release advice delivered which the client could take a balanced decision to release it into production. The Selenium web driver has an automated regression test with the basic functionalities can carry out in IE, Chrome, and Firefox. For the complete dataset test is in Selenium IDE a large number of scripts stated. It specifies the starting position in set up so that the end of the chain can be tested more quickly (such as filling queues for the performance test of the services).

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Department of Government

In a dynamic environment in which there is co-operation at international level for the benefit of safety, it is the art to international agreements to specify unambiguously. Resulting international standards ensure that countries can exchange information quickly using various applications. The work on these applications take place within a Scrum team, taking our test specialist the full responsibility for the output of the test. He suggests test cases on, run the performance testing, then he analyzes the results and shares this with the various stakeholders. In addition he has input and advice given for test automation to a higher test coverage within a shorter time.

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