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We are a talent-driven organization without substantial internal or external stakeholders interests and therefore closer to the customer interest. Our consultants are proactive and dedicated and think beyond their own share responsibility.

Closer to the customers interest.

"Nekst IT sincerely wants to work from the customer's interests, offer pure added value and always strive for the complete success of projects" according to André Pieterse, founder of Nekst IT.

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Dimitri Fioole

Test Consultant


We shouldn't be looking for mistakes, but for acceptance

The traditional testing profession is based on the traditional development methodologies. But the development pathway is changing due to new developments, platforms and application complexity. This requires another way of testing and acceptance.

The slogan is mostly 'release early, release often.' A much more pro-active role for the tester is required in any development team. This demands other skills and another mindset from the tester, but also from the developer. I am interested in achieving the objective in a team with a mixed skill-set. As part of an organic process, with shared responsibilities and the end-user center stage.

The team role I see for me is a sparring partner on an equal footing. In addition, you need intrinsic knowledge of the development process and of business analysis, and that is what makes it exciting for me.

Mark van Haaren

Test Consultant


At Nekst IT, you are valued for your contribution and you think along during the development of new services

Testing is increasingly about communicating. Listening, questioning, cooperating. Users can require something totally different from a system than managers. And if, at the end of the day, everybody has received what they need, then a tester has overcome the greatest challenge.

My drive is to reach consensus. Both within the team and amongst the teams themselves as well as third parties with vested interests. If everybody has the right to speak beforehand and agreement has been reached across the board, then acceptance at all levels is assured. And ultimately, that's the important thing.

I am a pragmatic tester who enjoys thinking up customized tests and automated execution. No worn-down test concepts and big designs, but agile thinking. Naturally, there's nothing better than getting others to be enthusiastic about your approach.

André Pieterse

Managing Director


Project and customer interests first, and dare to focus on the bone of contention

I have been working in the IT sector for more than 20 years, having begun as a system development consultant. The boundary between system development, platform and infrastructure is becoming increasingly blurred in today's hybrid IT environment. That calls for a totally different approach to responsibility and decision-making.

I sincerely believe in forging partnerships that have a future, within our company too. Making yourself a co-owner of the problem delivers benefits for all concerned. Shouldering responsibility, even when, strictly speaking, you're not responsible. Assigning tasks and decision-making where the impact is most felt.

Project and customer interests to the fore, and dare to focus on the bone of contention. For me, Nekst IT is the epitome of partnerships with a future.

Ivo Simon

Test Consultant


At Nekst IT, I deliver value for my clients in the broadest sense of the word, and that doesn't stop at simply testing

As a test specialist, I can see the bigger picture and have the so-called helicopter view. I am at my best in a complex environment full of different components. As a consequence, the end-product is a seamless fit with demand and, moreover, contributes to an optimization of operational processes as well. My drive and personal approach are of significant added value in this respect.

During my career, I have observed many business processes from the other side of the table. That enables me to bring together the best of both worlds, technology and business. I find it easy to transpose this focus onto a project team.

The combination of functional, technical and procedural insight, coupled with my determination to get the job done, are the qualities that best typify me as a tester. A tester can have a significant impact on more than just the product.

Arche Marugg



A modern organisation that gives its employees the freedom they need to be of maximum customer value

As CFO, my work is mostly done behind the scenes, facilitating the work of all involved. Nekst IT’s growth strategy requires solid underpinning by the financial choices we make. I prepare carefully-drafted reports and outlooks to that end. As sparring partner, I share my thoughts and delve into various scenarios.

It goes without saying that the financial aspect is an important part of my work. Key to my task is monitoring timely reports, invoicing and expenses, as well as keeping a keen eye on the cash flow.

I enjoy working on the interface of finance and IT. In the past, as a key-user of systems, I have often participated in many IT projects. In recent years, I have looked behind the scenes of many an organization, and this experience is useful in my current role.

Bram van den Berg

Test Consultant


Since we as employees have a say in what course Nekst IT takes, we can determine our own growth and can help our customers even better.

Curiosity is an important personality trait for a tester. Critical curiosity is perhaps even more important. Not blindly accepting what is put in front of you, because words on paper do not necessarily reflect reality.

It is important that you dare to speak your mind, because 'no' is also an answer. The customer interest is not served by being politically correct, but by listening and then questioning to get to the root of the matter.

What does the system-user really want - and has consensus been reached? Every project requires a customized approach. In future, the transition will increasingly be made to self-organizing or self-steering teams. You need to deal with time cleverly and that is a perfect fit with my pragmatic way of working.

Ibrahim Cetinkaya

Test Consultant


Quality is not an act but a habit

As a tester, you become involved with a product due to the nature of your work. That can be from A to Z, depending on the type of testing. A solid requirement analysis is the cornerstone of a good result. That too belongs to the fundamentals, just as system testing, for example.

Communication is crucial, even more so in an Agile team. You are the hub between developer and product owner. If anything is unclear, it should be addressed at an early stage. Since you submit feedback on the go, the final result is also partially your product.

User acceptance tests are highly important, because that is how you gain the commitment of the people for whom you have done the job. Testing is an enormously multi-faceted job, and Nekst IT enables me to work on truly interesting projects.

Michel Wessels

Test Consultant


At Nekst IT there is personal attention to realize a match between testconsultant and customer, a win-win situation

At Nekst IT, a tester can put his own ideas to use. There is both personal contact and genuine interest. And that is exactly what testers must be able to put into their work. Cooperation and helping each other move forward are key in testing.

I have quite some experience in technical testing, a combination of technology and software. Much of my time is spent on infrastructure, occasionally under real complex and adventurous circumstances. But that is what makes my work challenging.

In technical environments, testing is often done using the waterfall method. Partially due to the type of development, partially because other methods require a different organizational structure. I see plenty of challenges ahead with all the developments in virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Matthijs Kamp

Test Consultant


An open and critical mind is the best contribution

Testing is a very social occupation. You encounter many different people and learn to assess the full reach of a project. Different stakeholders may hold very different views and interests. It is very important to be empathic towards all parties involved.

There are various test methods, each with their own pros and cons. One is not necessarily better than another, the application determines which method is most suited. For that reason, it is very helpful to have seen a little of each.

My personality is open and critical. The latter certainly is a huge advantage in my work. Not to be complacent and think ‘they know what’s best’, but ask the questions that matter. Doing that in a team offers the best contribution to a good solution.

Parveesh Soekhai

Test Consultant


A shared pride over a team result is key

A tester has a very important role. Developers often each have their own task, although aware of each other’s dependencies, but the tester has the overall picture in mind. My knowledge of business information systems helps me with the transition between business and technology.

Test automation becomes ever more important. Using it from the very outset of a project, helps to reduce the risks, ensures the existing software maintains its functionality and secures the quality of the result.

I like to keep an eye on the key issues and make a pleasant working environment a priority. I am a very pragmatic person that wants to keep a critical attitude and a meaningful occupation. Nekst IT offers me the opportunity to do so.

Ben Overmeer

Test Consultant


By acknowledging each others strengths and putting them to use, the biggest achievements are obtained

A senior functional tester keeps an eye on the overall picture and uses a helicopter view to assess the software. The foundation of any good product is clarity on the definitions: Do we all mean the same when it comes to risks and requirements. This helps to get the best result for the customer.

Which method is the best to keep a constant grip on the end result and helps prevent fault costs is strongly depending on the environment. To understand what defines the best possible result for the end user requires thinking along with the customer.

My empathic ability allows me to find the question behind the question and at the same time motivate and help the team function in the most efficient way. I operate in a pragmatic and flexible manner which allows me to respond quickly.

Thomas van Ingen


Quality starts at the front.

The role of a tester is becoming broader and increasingly important. You are the spider in the web between the IT and the business. More and more often you are involved from the very start, to help outline the desired result. This helps you get a clear picture of what is being asked of a product.

The communication goes two ways, so the user knows what to expect once a system is being launched. This two-way communication also helps you get early feedback and increases user acceptance.

Keeping the overview and finding a connection between related projects sometimes requires a diplomatic attitude. In every organisation there other challenges and interests, sometimes depending on the application. This is where I am in my element.

André Dekker


Testing appears to be a technical job, but is mainly about people

As a tester you are a sounding board for the client and at the same time strive to achieve an efficient solution. It is important to ensure that everyone involved feel listened to and can give their input. And sometimes 'no' can be the best answer.

Using everyone's talent offers added value on all fronts. It allows people to reach their full potential and it increases user acceptance. Detecting possible improvements in an early stage allows you to act proactively.

Working with new systems, you learn a tremendous amount, every time. Adding structure, whether in a project or in a team, is very fulfilling. I am convinced that attention for the positive aspects makes the job more enjoyable and gets better results.

Martijn van der Zalm

Test Consultant


A good tester gets a better product

In many organizations, the business processes are supported by IT solutions. I think it is important to keep sight of the processes first. They should be paramount, and the IT is serving.

My analytical abilities are strong as are my problem-solving skills. Both are very useful in a test environment. As a tester, you are co-responsible for the final product. You help to find all kinds of possible improvements.

The working atmosphere and strategy at Nekst IT suit me really well. I can develop myself in all facets of the testing profession. To me, testing is always fascinating, no matter what market or application, each is interesting in its own way.

Martijn Spekkink


From January 1th part of the club

As a tester you have to have a critical mind. You want to get the best result possible and you should never be satisfied with the first answer you get. More often than not you are working with limited resources and time, in which to reduce a mountain of data to the core issues.

You need to get that information from every nook and cranny, distinguish main issues from minor ones and prioritize, all in one go. The way an application is used in the field may be very different from the architect’s intentions. And only testing in accordance with the reality offers a useful result.

I like to set up test scenarios as efficiently as possible, set out the general lines and make crucial decisions. That is the space I am looking for in a company and Nekst IT gives me the chance to develop myself and to participate in the direction of the company.

Mysterious Tester

Test Consultant


From February 1th, part of the club!

Patrick Odijk



Nekst IT stands for pleasure at work, personal development and satisfied customers!

My role within the company is that of strategic partner and sounding board. My knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur in the field of consultancy and temporary secondment of specialists was a perfect fit with Andre's know-how and background.

Crystal-clear decisions were taken that met an obvious market need: the right specialist in the right place in a special niche: that of tester. The drive for and focus on a shared interest paves the way for the overwhelming involvement of all colleagues.

By keeping lines short and commitment sky-high, it is always possible to put the interests of the customer at the heart of everything we do - and do it honestly. The DNA of the company comes to life in the saying: together we make it happen, for the customer. There's no better motivation than that!

AnneMarie Pieterse

Commercial Director


Nekst IT gives you the freedom to shoulder responsibility and work together on the construction of a coherent entity

A role with far-reaching and commercial responsibilities: researching, developing, shaping and realizing our joint ambitions, together.

My focus within this role lies primarily in creating and maintaining sustainable relationships with our clients and partners as well as developing sales propositions. Every day, I can deploy my skills, knowledge and experience from both a commercial and business-driven perspective.

What I really enjoy about being part of Nekst IT is that we truly work together to build a coherent organization. Freedom, responsibility, initiative and fun are the core aspects of this endeavor. The organization is bubbling over with energy, ideas and ambitions, and that makes it the perfect and inspiring, motivating environment in which I can continue to grow.

Mysterious Tester II


From March 1th part of the club

Jasper Loos

Test Consultant


Just because you’ve counted the trees doesn’t mean you’ve seen the forest

My passion lies in the technical aspect of the testing. It is a creative puzzle in which you can demonstrate quality in a variety of ways. Test automation is essential because it continuously helps to monitor the quality, especially where an application continues to grow.

Because of my background in business administration, I have broad knowledge of the different processes in an organisation and understand the importance of these processes. My Master in Strategy and Organisation helps me to lay out and assess functional requirements.

Whatever you do, the user should always be paramount. Therefore, communication is of great importance and you need to be able to really understand the functional needs of the user. Humour can sometimes be a pleasant tool.

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