Our testing consultancy expertise

Nekst IT can help to support your project or organization by flexible deployment of test consultants. At Nekst IT consultancy stands for: an objective and independent view of the situation, to formulate an opinion that is based on the customer interest and outside the established frameworks can think and act. For this is the presence of the click between the customer and the consultant so important to us. The profile of our test consultant must be closely in line with the need for skills, knowledge and experience and in addition serves also to join the organization values and culture.

Our testing consultants can help you with include:

  • Brainstorming on the role of testing within the project or organization
  • Discussing the test strategy
  • Pilots
  • Proof of concepts
  • Independent collaboration with deployment or development parties
  • Determine which test roles are required: variable and/or fixed
  • Advise on hiring the right test professionals within your organization
  • Hit the nail on the head and then offer the right solution
  • The'on the job'guiding and coaching of junior/medior test consultants

Are you curious whether our expertise and services can also create value in your project and organization?