Our testing secondment expertise

Nekst IT as Testing business partner can help and support with the temporary, flexible deployment of test professionals within your project or organization. Secondment at Nekst IT stands for: start working for the customer’s interest, pure delivering of added value to the customer’s interest, thinking in the customer’s interest, taking care, commitment and pro activity. The match between the client and the professional is very important to us. The profile of the test professional should closely be in line with the need for skills, knowledge and experience, but also serves to join the organization values and culture.

We can deploy our test professionals in the following expertise or test roll:

  • System (integration) tests/ Cloud testing/ White-Box testing/ Acceptance testing/ Test Automation/ Unit tests/ Regression testing
  • Scrum master
  • Agile
  • Test coordination
  • DevOps (developer/system operator)
  • Test management
  • Technical testing
  • Functional testing
  • Test analysis

Are you curious whether our expertise and services can also create value in your project and organization?