Nekst IT partners

Nekst IT is official and proud partner of Salesforce, Provar, Prianto & Smartbear.



Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Their cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more don’t require IT experts to set up or manage — simply log in and start connecting to customers in a whole new way. Visit Salesforce


Prianto B.V. is the ‘Perzonalized Knowledge’ Distributor with a focus on the optimal IT enduser experience, based on data, applications and the presentation interface. This concept is realized with future-ready solutions like GDPR, Digital Transformation, The Connected Enterprise and Cloud-as-a-Service. Within these solutions, we find it crucial to carefully pick and choose the right products. Our goal is to deliver in a personalized way vision, innovation, knowledge, services and products to the IT-channel in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Combine this with the expertise and experience from our partners and you have optimized solutions with results that meets (or even exceeds) the expectation and need of the end-user customer. What we call “Personalized Knowledge Distribution”. Visit Prianto


FourKeep focuses on fast, no nonsense and high quality software development. FourKeep develops mobile- and webapplications by using no-code development techniques. This way of software development is interesting for companies of every size to automate, digitalize and professionalize their business processes. Visit Fourkeep


Provar is the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool for Salesforce. Provar delivers the benefits of automation while avoiding the pitfalls of other tools. They have a diverse range of customers spanning several industries, and they serve business sizes ranging from 100 employees to 100,000. Provar's mission is to make Salesforce test automation cost-effective and accessible to all Visit Provar


Supporting more than six million software professionals and over 22,000 companies in 194 countries, SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for teams. The company’s products help deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible while helping teams ship code at nearly impossible velocities. With products for API testing, UI testing, code review and performance monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear equips every development, testing and operations team member with the tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle. Visit SmartBear