Lease company

As the only test resource was our consultant involved in a completely new global contact management system based on Salesforce CRM Service Cloud. Our consultant is right from the start of the Agile development process involved in the development and could thereby not only monitor the quality of the solution, proactively thinking about the approach and the processes around it. Input from end users was of crucial importance and our consultant played a key role.

JIRA was transformed from findings administration tool to the central project-scrum board and our test consultant did research on test automation for the specific Salesforce CRM Service Cloud functionality. That has led to the introduction of Provar, a test automation tool specifically for Salesforce which on his lecture also within other Salesforce CRM projects at the leasing company is used. There is being actively worked to implement continuous integration with a central role for Provar.


In everything we do, the project importance and the customer interest are of the utmost importance. We work branch exceeding and have experience on projects in the manufacturing industry, healthcare, Government, retail, engineering/construction, telecom and more.