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Customer is a government organization that develops and manages information products for all layers within the Government. There was still no regression test of the existing platform and for local and regional authorities with improvements and new applications added. Through a combination of use case testing and exploratory testing is the quality of the improvements and new applications a fact. Each release has a release advice delivered which the client could take a balanced decision to release it into production.

The Selenium web driver has an automated regression test with the basic functionalities can carry out in IE, Chrome, and Firefox. For the complete dataset test is in Selenium IDE a large number of scripts stated. It specifies the starting position in set up so that the end of the chain can be tested more quickly (such as filling queues for the performance test of the services).


In everything we do, the project importance and the customer interest are of the utmost importance. We work branch exceeding and have experience on projects in the manufacturing industry, healthcare, Government, retail, engineering/construction, telecom and more.