International trading company

At an international trading company, specialized in the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty goods and ingredients of nutrition, Nekst IT has contributed to a global implementation of the Salesforce platform.

The previous CRM-applications the company used, had to be replaced by Salesforce in all 42 countries which this company is based. Salesforce had to integrate in the existing ERP landscape with diverse ERP applications. The Steelbrick Cost Price Quote (CPQ) extension in Salesforce had to be implemented for creating quotes and contracted prices. And if this wasn’t a big enough challenge on itself, this all needed to be done within one year!

At first, Salesforce had asked Nekst IT to limited the migration and integration risks by performing migration and integration tests as part of the Salesforce project team. Soon after, regression and adoption risks started to play a big role in this SCRUM-organisation. So, besides the migration and integration tests, Nekst IT executed functional tests, user acceptance tests and regression tests. The Salesforce implementation (including the Steelbrick CPQ-extension) in 42 countries was a success and well stayed within scope!


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