Mobile telephony

A Mobile Phone Company from London had the challenge for our Testlead to replace their Service Centre applications by Salesforce Service Cloud. This was definitely not a ‘walk in the parc’, because besides the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation itself, the Salesforce apps Knowledge, Live Agent and Social Studio had to be implemented. And it was also needed to build a custom General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/Data Processing Agreement (DPA) check.

Flexibility was asked due to the Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD – DevOps) methodology and the changing wishes from the customer. The International Salesforce Implementation Team (from England, Israel and Morocco), and our Testlead from the Netherlands together addressed this challenge.

For our Testlead, the biggest challenge was to align the Test Strategy and Test Execution with the CI/CD – DevOps way of working. Besides test activities our consultant supported the team with a Jira-process (including a bug-process) and data migration tasks. He also supported the QA organization on the client side.


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